The Swedish-Finnish Bothnia Bulk project has achieved a significant reduction in air pollution from maritime transport with the help of two EU co-funded LNG-fuelled vessels and supporting infrastructure.

As informed, total COemissions per transport work have decreased by up to 50% compared with conventional vessels in operation. In addition, other harmful air emissions (SOX, NOX, and PM) have been reduced significantly. 

The LNG-fuelled bulk carriers, Viikki and Haaga, were delivered to Finnish shipping company ESL Shipping back in 2018. They were ordered as part of the abovementioned project aiming at modernising the sea route between Luleå, Oxelösund and Raahe to be more eco-friendly.

Both vessels use shore power connections and feature a number of other energy efficiency technologies on board. The LNG technology and infrastructure enable the usage of fossil-free biogas as ship fuel which further reduces air emissions. In addition, the project established onshore power supply and improved efficiency in port operations.

Posted: 4 months ago

Nordic trio kicks off biogas fuel test

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Posted: 4 months ago

Between 2016 and 2020, the joint project between ESL Shipping, Port of Raahe, Ports of Luleå and Oxelösund, SSAB Europe and Raahen Voima has modernized the year-round supply of raw material of steelworks to be more sustainable by improving the port infrastructure and efficiency, and by introducing two LNG-fueled bulk carriers, as well as an LNG refuelling truck.

“The project is a concrete step towards clean shipping and alternative fuels by increasing the demand for LNG and biogas and their bunkering infrastructure in the Baltic Sea. As a result of the project, an energy-efficient, low-emission supply of dry bulk cargo is now in place,” ESL Shipping said.

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ESL Shipping becomes part of the City of Helsinki Climate Partners network

In a separate statement, ESL Shipping, part of Aspo Plc, revealed it has joined the City of Helsinki-led Climate Partners network intended for companies that want to contribute towards making Helsinki a carbon-neutral city by 2035.

The network has more than 80 members, most of them businesses. It also includes universities and research institutes.

Specifically, each organisation will define their own goals in mitigating climate change over the next few years. These goals must seek to improve the current situation and exceeding the current legislative requirements.

In 2020, ESL Shipping’s target is to decrease CO2 emissions from the company’s fleet by 10,000 tons in comparison to its 2019 figures. Furthermore, the carrier aims to perform trials with biogas and renewable diesel together with the Port of Helsinki and the Port of Raahe. 

“We are proud to join the City of Helsinki Climate Partners network. In addition, to our own environmental efforts, it is extremely important to learn more from other stakeholders. Together we can really make a difference,” Managing Director Mikki Koskinen commented.

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